Short Term

$69900Per Program
  • 5 day accommodation and training in a kennel free environment

Dog Crew Short-term training is an ideal and simple introduction to basic obedience and behaviour modification. Our friendly trainers will assess your dog upon pick up or drop off to accommodate any of your concerns and issues.

We strive to give your dog a KENNEL FREE environment for a healthy and safe focus on outcomes.

We don’t have hundreds of dogs barking and running around, so your dog will feel safe as we train and board in home environments.

A personalised trainer will focus on the following things daily:

  • Home boarding accommodation  (KENNEL FREE)

  • Two nutritious meals every day
  • Interactive updates via social media (email, Instagram and Facebook)

  • Any behaviour modification
  • On/off lead work
  • Basic obedience commands: HEEL/SIT/STAY/DROP/RECALL
  • Dealing with distractions and separation anxiety
  • Reducing and management of any undesired behaviours
  • Crate training if required (Crates are a safe haven!, never used for punishment)

  • 30 minute departure lesson and demonstration

  • Finally, lots of kisses and treats on the way out!

Why Choose Us

Our pricing is very competitive! We tailor our training to suit you, your dog, and your lifestyle, so call us and we can advise the appropriate cost for your requirement or complete the form on the contact us page to request a consultation.

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