Home Boarding from

$5600Per Day
  • Small breeds
  • Large breeds
  • Boarding rates from $56-$78 per day not per night.

    Peak Periods, e.g. Public holidays, school holidays and Christmas from $78 – $99 per day.

    Pricing is based on capacity, period of stay and dates booked. (surcharges may apply)

  • (Transportation available, additional extra charges apply)

  • All new comers are screened before any bookings. Unlike other day care centres,we are very selective and only accept social and playful happy dogs. Your dog must also have a current c5 or yearly vaccination before using our service.

Dog Crew prides itself as an individualised, kennel free boarding service in Sydney.  Your dog will receive the same care, attention and love they enjoy at home, again, we have limited spaces available, so booking is essential.

There is room to run around and play with other dogs, at least 1 walk per day is included. We try to prevent as much distress as possible by keeping change to the minimum and prevent any unnecessary stress to your pooch, we are flexible with sleeping and diet arrangements, and will try to accommodate as much as possible, depending on the size and breed.

Have you ever walked into a dog boarding facility or pet hotel? A freshly painted entrance and beautiful receptionists is not a correct representation of where your dog will be boarding. Your dog or pup will be given a new collar with a number and placed in a cage/kennel.

We have honestly experienced that home boarding, sitting and minding is the most Stress free and trustworthy canine solution for pet owners.

Dog crew is an “Australian Trustworthy Canine Solution”, we take this seriously.

Boarding kennel stress is real! Dogs become stressed the same as you and I. Putting your dog into boarding kennels, can be very stressful for them. Imagine taking a young child to a strange place and leaving it with people it doesn’t know. The child will more often than not, become distressed and upset. The same thing can and does happen to dogs.

These are things you don’t get to see after you leave the kennel/Hotel/Boarding facility;

Signs of kennel stress can manifest in dogs in many ways:

Aggression: Often due to fear, dogs cannot be handled by anyone other than the owner (may need a few short visits so your dog gets used to being handled by someone else within a stressful environment)

Excessive barking & whining: It’s a sign the dog is distressed and it also very unsettling for the other dogs. In a kennel environment most staff will ignore these behaviours due to the high capacity.

Loss of appetite: Not eating,due to stress and/or change of diet. Change of diet, may also cause vomiting and diarrhea. (In a high capacity kennel this may be ignored or you will be told that “your pooch is just settling in”)

Constant licking of the lips: dogs do that to try to calm themselves down

Pacing & Depression

Some dogs who have never been confined before may try to break out by throwing themselves against the walls or door of the kennel. (This is hard to monitor as boarding kennels don’t surveillance each dog)

Once again, Dog Crew advocates for Sydney dogs and thrives to build awareness for pet owners and industry professionals.

I hope the above information helps you the dog owner to make an informed decision.

Other care services

  • Dog-sitting (includes feeding and playtime) – from $62 per day depending on availability.

  • Dog-sitting and walk – from $70 depending on availability.

  • Checking and medicating old or sick dogs – $45 – $75 depending on condition and availability.

Why Choose Us

Our pricing is very competitive! We tailor our training to suit you, your dog, and your lifestyle, so call us and we can advise the appropriate cost for your requirement or complete the form on the contact us page to request a consultation.

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