Dog Crew is a Sydney based dog training, walking and boarding service founded in 2010. Dog Crew grew from a desire to ensure an honest, trustworthy and positive training atmosphere for dog owners and their beloved best friends. Only the most qualified and professional trainers deliver our services.

At Dog Crew, we pride ourselves on offering our clients training methods that are up-to-date in an atmosphere that is fun and friendly. Our trainers use various training methods such as classical and operant conditioning. Dog Crew trainers rely on the positive reinforcement and scientifically proven methods as the most valued motivator. This is achieved through high incentive rewards, voice commands, and play in order to achieve the highest levels of obedience. Our aim is to provide techniques and applications that are based on science and ethics. Dog Crew training does not utilise any gimmicks or harsh handling techniques. Our priority is to teach your dog to concentrate on any command and to obey you.


Dave, Dog lover first,

DOG CREW leader second


  • Behaviour Modification
  • Canine Manners
  • Dog Socialisation
  • Puppy & Dog Rescue
  • Advice on handling tools
  • Three levels of Obedience
  • Private & Group classes
  • Better control
  • Puppy training
  • Separation anxiety
  • Toilet training
  • & more…