At Dog Crew, we value our training methods, and our philosophy is to provide dogs and their owners the ultimate experience and set of achievable goals.

Dog Crew trainers rely heavily on reward based training, making it fun for both you and your dog.

Constant reward-based training doesn’t mean that you’re bribing your dog to do what you ask or that you’ll need to use rewards the rest of your life. Reward-based training is simply motivational and effective as long as constant rewards are used properly and are phased out during the growth of your dog.

Reward based training is not always food. It can take many forms; your dog’s favourite toy, favourite food or even a game, and is simply a way to entice your dog. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t go to work if you didn’t get paid, would you?

Dog Crew trainers strive to improve any issues or concerns of the dog in our society by constructively modifying dog behaviour in order to reduce the numbers of dogs being surrendered and euthanised, and to successfully rehabilitate surrendered dogs to loving homes.

During the Dog Crew training sessions, dog owners will be equipped with training tools to suit their dog’s temperament and breed. Tools include fixed collars, head halters, Martingale collars, walking front clip harnesses, training/walking long leads, and more.

Dog Crew trainers will set the future foundation in basic obedience for you and your pet. An assigned trainer will guide you step by step through a series of exercises to prevent unwanted behaviours and achieve your desired outcomes.

Each owner and pet may face different challenges; we know that no two dogs are same.