Group Class from

$8100per class
  • Duration: 1 hour per week for 4 weeks

Dog Crew group classes are crew based, meaning we accept all levels and all ages. We meet as a crew, train as a crew, and have fun as a crew.

If you’re after some weekend fun and a higher standard in obedience, handling skills and more off- lead control? Then join our crew to enhance focus, stability, accuracy, overall control and enjoyment for both you and your dog. Dog crew group classes give you an opportunity to learn how to handle your dog in an environment where you need the most control, around other people and other dogs.

Classes are offered at several locations through out the year. Please email us to check availability and we can send you further details, or complete our form under the contact tab.

Exercises to be covered

To be able to function properly dogs of all ages and sizes require the following:

  • Good leadership and communication
  • Physical and mental exercise
  • Good health care and nutrition

Without proper training and stimulation your dog can quickly become:

  • A bossy, obnoxious, hyperactive, destructive delinquent
  • A shy, neurotic, withdrawn, anxious, fearful mess
  • An anti-social, aggressive, potentially dangerous menace

A personalised trainer will focus on the following things weekly:

  • Training out doors in a safe, controlled environment

  • Provide nutritious high incentive treats

  • Interactive updates via social media (email, text, Instagram and Facebook)

  • Address any required behaviour modification

  • On/off lead work

  • Basic obedience commands: HEEL/SIT/STAY/DROP/RECALL

  • Dealing with distractions and separation anxiety
  • Reducing and management of any undesired behaviours
  • Group class graduation certificate on week 4

  • Dog Crew future assistance

  • Finally, lots of kisses and treats on the way out!

Why Choose Us

Our pricing is very competitive! We tailor our training to suit you, your dog, and your lifestyle, so call us and we can advise the appropriate cost for your requirement or complete the form on the right to request a consultation.

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