We view canines as highly social animals. Both behavioural & psychological patterns account for their trainability, playfulness, conditioning and ability to fit into your household/workplace and social situations. Much of their natural instinctive behaviour revolves around learning how to interact with other members of their species. If you can’t provide that, We can assist!

Our trainers will help domesticate your dogs to their preferred living, in a social environment. We have many trained K9’s willing to help us rehabilitate your special family pet. A dog without a pack leader or direction often becomes destructive and unmanageable to live with.

As puppies, their play with other family members is important as it teaches them how to properly interact. Even puppies need to know who the leader is in their social setting.

We educate all our clients, so knowing what normal dog behaviour is, will help you understand why your dog does what he/she does. This can help prevent some behavioural problems from occurring, and can help you retrain and direct your dog if bad habits develop.

Ask us for YOUR FREE DOG CREW Info pack when booking, this includes general tips and information based on your breed, age and training abilities.